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digital painting

Dream Journal

digital collages

Greetings From the Afterlife

digital paintings for Outernet

fig. 1. A Girl Sleeping With a Dog
fig. 2. The Three Travellers
fig. 3. A Somersault
fig. 4. From Seed to Bloom
fig. 5. Dog Days

fig. 6. Relaxing With a Parrot
fig. 7. Just Married
fig. 8. Watching the Stork
fig. 9. Afternoon With a Hoola Hoop 
fig. 10. Fisherman

I and I (ini)

VR experience

Shown during Baker McKenzie's flagship event ‘A Bling New World’ and then followed by an exhibition ‘Uhrformen’ at the Sarabande Foundation.

Possible 3D environment for a funeral where the artist digitally buried her old avatar
an experiment of digital mummification as a new path of preservation of the human legacy.


avatar’s sarcophagus