⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ

Marie Antoinette 
aka Disco Dior  

airbrushed and digitally printed ensemble
recycled jeans and polyester

Dress as a Canvas

hand painted recycled satin

ally ioannides wears marta klara
photography: noah kentis

A shrine of the Unknown


The collection spirit has been conceived from the smell I created in the initial creative phase. It accentuates the impenetrable strangeness of the world where amongst chaos beautiful things can flourish. I am inspired by what goes beyond the limitations of coherent logic and conveying the deep complexity and truth of life's impalpable connections and hidden phenomena. A common ground for a fragrance and a piece of clothing is that they both are indicators of a person’s mood and attitude. In this blend, I focus on the ingredients like absinthe, incense, jasmine, petroleum and ink that together evoke associations with some healing elixir. The collection is an ode to my fondness for eclecticism and cultural revelations and rituals from my country of birth, Poland. This liminal realm of storytelling and fashion is filled with characters that change their attires throughout rites of passage revealing inner energy and an overriding passion.

Over the last years, I have been a fervent collector of miscellaneous objects and textiles from flea markets. It is not only about mawkish nostalgia for historic treasures but an awareness of recycling possibilities. By using preexisted materials each piece is one of a kind and repurposed for a radically new aesthetic. My ever-evolving experimentation with shape, form and colour trains my eye for composition. As I manage different design forms, I must consider how to manage ideas for an uncertain future where uniting can save nature under anthropocentric attack.

Cultural myths from around the world describe a time when only women knew the secrets of life and death, and therefore they also could practice the art of healing. Women’s revered position as keepers of the sacred wisdom was deliberately and forcibly wrested away from them. The legal right to practice the healing vocations was gradually eroded by changing mores.

Women who forge their own paths reached through insight into their intuition, dreams and connection with nature are provoking my unsatisfied curiosity. It is difficult to meet a community that does not exclude - we live in a quite exclusive society - which supersedes age, tradition, and to a large extent also female wisdom. I would like my garments to embellish the body as well as empower the mind. Other inspirations I work with include mystery of the ordinary in René Magritte paintings, feminity of nudes by André Kertész, earth body works of Ana Mendieta, assemblage deities of Władysław Hasior and poetic reasoning of reality by Andrei Tarkovsky.

iris law wears marta klara

photography and edit: furmaan ahmed
management and production: IMG models
mua: grace sinnott
hair: liam russell
set: marta klara
jewelry: dominik zwyrtek
smell: kasia korytowska
nails: patrycja jewsienia
illustrations: julia labis

fig. 1. latex flowers styling piece, ball gown skirt, clag bag with shark teeth
fig. 2. asymmetric dress, knitted bra and knickers, tattoo tights

fig. 3. asymmetric mini long sleeve, wide hips flares, silk corset, pointy clogs

fig. 4. body bag

fig. 5. latex and dry wheat hat, latex cabbage styling piece, pyrographed leather skirt, clag bag with shark teeth

fig. 6. lace napkins turtleneck, detachable sleeve, asymmetric corset, triple frontal skirt with naked back, lace headpiece
with latex flowers, high waised knickers, leather clogs

fig. 7. jacquard jacket, turtleneck, high waisted knickers, right leg pants with two straps, left leg pants with one strap, leather clogs

fig. 8. latex and faux fur coat embelished with crystals, drapped skirt


Being Amongst, Within, and Without
11.11.2021 - 14.11.2021
Safehouse 2
137 Copeland Rd
London SE15 3SN

inez valentine wears marta klara

photography: furmaan ahmed
mua: gsuoxi 
hair: liam russell
jewelry: dominik zwyrtek
set and edit: marta klara
illustrations: julia labis

fig. 1. jacquard jacket, skirt with paper appliqué, lace clogs
fig. 2. hand painted skirt, hand knitted sweater, croched raffia bra, satin headscarf, gradient tights, lace clogs

fig. 3. faux leather biker jacket, jacquard trousers, hand knitted bra, lace clogs

fig. 4. hand painted t-shirt, adjustable skirt, lace clogs
fig. 5. hand knitted sweater, silicone corset, adjustable skirt, lace clogs

fig. 6. asymmetric mini long sleeve, hand knitted bra, lace headpiece, felted skirt, gradient tights, pointy clogs

fig. 7. jacquard headpiece/neck collar, lace apron, jacquard pants, hand knitted bra, turtleneck, lace clogs

for Luncheon Magazine

maria lysenko and peter liddell wear marta klara

photography and edit: mitchell o’neil
muah: ayse
jewelry: dominik zwyrtek
nails: patrycja jewsienia
assistants: benjamin butcher and pietro lazzaris 
illustrations: julia labis

zuzanna bartoszek wears marta klara

photography and edit: miłosz kasiura 
polaroids and 3D scan: marta klara
paintings: zuzanna bartoszek

marta klara wears marta klara

photography and edit: lola banet
muah: sonia kieryluk

jewelry and accessories: marta klara and dominik zwyrtek


production: drawing cabaret couture
set design, lighting, art direction: matthew lawrence
models: aisling tara, janet mayer
photographers: taile rose eigeland, matthew lawrence


music video

costumes and print design: marta klara 
styling: bartek indyka, alisa datsenko
photos: karolina jackowska