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The main character, Intruder (Katarzyna Gałazka), is inhabiting the uncanny and disorientating realm of loss. She chooses to live outside of the community while passing through a threshold of physical and mental boundaries to discover the truth about herself.

First, however, her old self dies and is reborn. Only then she can freely accommodate the surrounding space - both real and symbolic. On this journey, Intruder is assisted by archetypal characters: Guardian, Afterimage, Messenger, Hybrid and Guardian.

Marta Klara introduces the audience to the discourse about the relationship between humans and space, in particular, the notion of home. Throughout the film, we are observing an intimate ritual. It is a device which assists those involved in expressing different plains of reality - the inner caverns of the mind, the material world, nature and the spiritual plain. Tracing a path from the notion of home which we each carry, during the ritual, the characters seek to define where the line is between sacred space and profane exterior world.

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