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A journey, a search for inner self, an atmosphere conducive for daydreaming. An individual on a quest for an ideal beauty. The problems that face the individual begin to form their ability to interpret change differently; through physical and psychic processes; through integration and disintegration. They seek to find stability in nature, isolated in or belonging to a group in which integration and security are found in non-verbal communication and an absence of programmed judgement. We observe the character’s attempt to validate and recognise their strength and to be different from others through the study of the form where psychical and psychological sensations collide and complement one another. Is an individual able to reach a complete understanding of their own becoming, existence and reality?

Venus Flytrap

creative direction: marta klara
starring: mathieu trevisan
DoPs: pierre adamczyk, robin niedergang

camera assistant: inès bedrouni
set design pieces: marta klara
garment and shoes design: marta klara
backround drawings: marta klara
edit: marta klara
music: ‘astrale’ by giovanni fusco, ‘capital crisis (new city loop)’ by helm

plywood; surface drawing: acrylics, pencils, pastels, paper
2.25 m high x 1.25 m wide




  acrylics, pencils, pastels, baking paper
29cm high x 42cm wide